This program offers Two-Spirit, Queer, Trans, Black and Indigenous, People of Color (2SQTBIPOC) community organizations engaged in justice work an opportunity to select a low income artist or activist for a residency including a stipend.

Award Process: Currently Mugworts’ Artist and Activist Residency is offered by invitation only. Mugworts outreaches to its 2SQTBIPOC-led community partners engaged in value-aligned work and invites them to select an individual for a residency.

  • Length of Residencies: up to 2 weeks

  • Stipend: Through ongoing fundraising efforts, Mugworts is able to pay $50/day to the artist to use as they wish. Groceries and transportation are not included. The cost of Mugworts will be covered by the Mugworts Art Residency Fund (MARF) at a rate of $100 a day.

  • When: Mugworts aims to offer 4 residencies per year. 1 per season.

  • Steps:
    • Mugworts invites a partner organization to participate

    • Partner organization selects a resident 

    • Resident determines dates and length of stay up to two weeks

    • Resident confirms through a Registration Form

    • Mugworts point person orients resident to answer any questions and go over logistics

    • Residency takes place! 

    • Resident submits feedback form

  • Support the residency by donating at  paypalme/mugwortscabin
  • This is an emergent program that started in 2022. For more information email