How do we create liberatory spaces on stolen Indigenous land?

Where do queering and decolonizing and unsettling land intersect and support each other and miss or collide?

How are queer led land projects and intentional spaces navigating collective approaches to healing historic harms, land access, landback, and rematriation?

Mugworts Cabin Collective looks at  some of the questions  with a loose network of queer spaces, and intentional land project organizers.  You are invited to our emerging conversation.

Hosted by Sogorea Te' Land Trust. 


Inés Ixierda & Vick Montaño
Sogorea Te’ Land Trust

Deseree Fontenot & Hasmik Geghamyan
Mugworts Queer Cabin

Sacha Marini

Layel Camargo
Shelterwood Collective

Jasmine & Loma Unsettling the Klamath River